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Hand-Coloured Christmas card inscribed by Elizabeth Yeats to her cousin Grace, Cuala Press, Dublin, n.d. Hand- coloured woodblock print by Beatrice Campbell, Lady Glenavy, c.180 x 115mm, signed with monogram in image, above the verse "Now we'll forget the windy hill...", by Monk Gibbon. Folded once to form a greetingscard. Inscribed within by the publisher and proprietor of the Cuala Press: "For dear Gracie / With love and best wishes from / Auntie Lolly." In fine condition. Grace Butler Yeats (1898-1997) was the daughter of Edwin Butler Yeats, first cousin of John Butler Yeats, the father of W.B., Elizabeth (‘Lolly’), Susan (‘Lily’), and Jack B. Yeats. Edwin emigrated to Canada at the end of the nineteenth century but the family remained in close touch with their cousins in the old country. £500

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